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Stained Glass Starter Kit

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This kit is your entry point into stained glass art. It includes all the tools you need to get started.

This kit includes:

  • Inland Wizzling Grinder 
  • TOYO TC10 Super Cutter Glass Cutter
  • Weller WP100 Temperature Control Soldering Iron
  • Stand for Soldering Iron with sponge
  • 8oz Novocan Flux
  • 8oz Novocan Grinder Coolant
  • 8oz Novocan Cutter Oil
  • Leponitt Running Pliers
  • Leponitt Grozer Pliers
  • Edco 7/32” by 36 yards Copper Foil
  • 1 roll (1lb) 60/40 Solder